Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walking in the Light

2 Peter 3:8 One day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

Many read this scripture and think it can't possibly be taken literally. Well, I came across something very interesting that proves once again that Father really does know best and He doesn't just say things for effect!

Albert Einstein was the first to see and note the connection between time and light. His work has proven that light is the only unchangeable constant in the universe. Energy changes, light cannot. Before we go further - the bible says God is light (1 John 1:5), so keep that in mind.

Light also has a measurable speed - it moves at 186,000 miles per second. Nothing is known to move faster and Einstein himself said that the only thing that could possibly cross the threshold of the speed of light would have to be called "eternity." In 1 Timothy 6:15-16 God Himself is described as living in unapproachable light!

In James 1:17 we learn that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights with Whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. In other words, God, Who is light, doesn't change - He is constant. God dwells in unapproachable light - nothing can get close to or go beyond God's light. Einstein said life as we know it couldn't cross the threshold of light speed without somehow changing. Let's go further with this - it's awesome!

While you are reading this post, God has already had the opportunity to travel around the world at least 7 times. This is how He can be everywhere at one time. Einstein said the faster you travel, accelerating toward the threshold of light speed, the slower time becomes. If you could cross that threshold, you'd step over into eternity, where God, Who is absolute light, lives. Keep that in mind as I relate what a scientist in California described. This is a documented scientific model:

If a rocket carrying astronauts was launched maintaining a speed that is 80% of the speed of light and traveling away from earth 15 days and back 15 days, there would be a strange result. Inside the rocket the astronauts would age 30 days - 15 days out and 15 back that they traveled. But at 80% of light speed, they would return to find people on earth had aged 60 days. Traveling at 80% of the speed of light caused the astronauts to experience a stretching or slowing down of time as compared to the people living on earth.

He repeated the model only this time the astronauts traveled 15 days each way traveling 85% of light speed. The result this time was that even though the astronauts only aged 30 days, a 5% increase of the speed of light caused a slowing of time that resulted in the people on earth aging 10 years!

Finally, the astronauts traveled at the threshold of light speed. That's as close to the speed of light as you could travel without going beyond it. Again they traveled 15 days out and 15 back. Arriving back home they would find the earth had aged 30,000 years while they only aged 30 days. These are mathematically proven models.

Look again at the scripture at the beginning of this post - it is a perfect confirmation of this scientific model. The ratio between 30 days and 30,000 years, reduces to 1/1000. One day is as a 1,000 years!!

The closer you get to light speed the more slowly time elapses. So the practical application is that the more you walk in the light of God, the more time will slow for you and enable you to effortlessly accomplish more! Talk about a stress reducer!

You may be wondering exactly how you can do that - well, since God is light and God and His Word are one, you can walk in the light by getting into the Word of God. Prayer will usher you into His presence. Anytime you are communing with God, you are in His presence and "walking in the light."

Try it and see if it isn't true for you. Everywhere you go, everything you do, commune with God, talk to Him, be consciously aware of His presence, include Him in every thought, decision, problem and circumstance. Be conscious and aware of God every minute of the day and you will be walking in the light. I can tell you from personal experience, you'll be amazed not only at how much you accomplish, but at how effortless it seems.

I challenge you to try this and then let me know what happens for you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

Proverbs 4:23 Above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

Another translation says it is the source of all life. Once again, the Father is sharing a very deep and important truth - not only spiritually but physically as well.

It is very true that our motives, our heart, is what God considers. In 1 Samuel 16:7, remember when God had Samuel looking at Jesse's sons in order to anoint one to be king, he kept looking at their outer appearance, but God corrected him and said not to do that. God said that He looks at the heart, not at how tall or kingly he might look on the outside.

You can do the nicest thing for someone and yet if you do it for the wrong reason or with a bad attitude it corrupts your blessing. Physically we know that heart health is critical. However, what I would like to focus on here is how central our heart is to every aspect of life. We consider the heart to be the core of our being, as in getting to the heart of a matter. We encourage others to speak and act from their heart or to follow or listen to their heart.

Much research has been done on how your heart rhythms affect your immune, hormonal and nervous systems. Your heart rhythm is a powerful energetic force that not only affects you, but also is felt by those around you. Did you know that your heart's energy field can be felt across the room? Just recall a time when a very angry person entered a crowded room and how that one person's energy changed the entire atmosphere of the room! Your heart-felt emotions and energy powerfully affect, not only you, but also the people around you. If you are a mom, that's your children and husband; at work your boss and coworkers. The converse is also true - you are also affected by other people's heart energy waves.

If you are constantly around negative, stressed out, angry people, it will begin to affect you - if you do not guard your heart. Spiritually, it can cause you to slip into fear or doubt. Emotionally, you may become stressed out, anxious, worried or depressed. Physically you may experience palpitations, headaches, digestive problems or elevated blood pressure.

The Father never gives us a command we are unable to obey. And if He tells us to do something, we can be sure it is for our good - always.

You may be thinking - "But how can I guard my heart?" Besides being aware of how others may be affecting you and limiting your exposure to toxic people and situations whenever possible, you can actually learn to control your heart rhythms.

When your heart rhythms are smooth, coherent and harmonious, you think more clearly, your mood is calm and positive and it impacts your physical health in a powerfully positive way. There are very simple techniques you can learn that can improve every area of your physical health as well as the atmosphere in your home and workplace.

I would encourage you to visit heartmath.org. They have a wealth of information, as well as books, educational tools and other resources to enable you to effectively "guard your heart."

You will reap incredible health benefits and your relationships may improve as well! Father definitely always knows best!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Who Do You Believe?

1 Thessalonians 5:21 But test and prove all things (until you can recognize) what is good; (to that) hold fast.

Contrary to what some believe, God never intended for us to blindly believe and follow - anyone! Including Him. He created us with a functioning mind, intellect, common sense (I know, we could disagree here) and freedom to make our own choices and decisions. Unfortunately, in some areas we become lazy and complacent and allow ourselves to accept biased, false information as if it were truth. Where our health is concerned, this can mean the difference between life and death - literally.

Studies are conducted all the time as to how effective different drugs and natural supplements are for specific conditions. Just recently, the media ran news stories reporting a study showing that vitamins C, D and E do not prevent heart attack, stroke or breast cancer. Those findings were extremely shocking and a huge blow to those of us who avoid pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible and stick to natural supplements and a whole food diet. At first glance, I am sure many people could have said - "Gee I guess my vitamins don't work - why bother buying them anymore?" That's the danger here: many people using these supplements may simply believe the media message - trusting that the study was conducted by people much smarter than they - not bother getting clarification and stop using the supplements.

We have a huge responsibility to follow God's command in the verse above and test and prove all things. Whenever results of a study are released, the first thing we should do is find out who commissioned the study. What these news stories rarely provide are the details of the study - that doesn't sell - sensational headlines do. Chances are if it is a pharmaceutical company conducting the research, the results will most always (big surprise) be in favor of a drug as opposed to a vitamin or other natural supplement. In fact, statistics show that when a drug company funds a study there is a 90% chance the drug is perceived as being effective compared to 50% for a non-drug company funded study!

In the case of the study I mentioned, there were many serious flaws which render the findings worthless, but unless you were aware of that, you could easily be misled. For example:

The study subjects were all doctors who admitted they did not even take the supplements they were supposed to for the study;

In fact, about a quarter of the subjects admitted they had not taken two-thirds of their supplements, yet this study counted them as having taken full doses;

A synthetic form of Vitamin E was used which is known to be a much less effective form of the vitamin;

The subjects who actually took the supplements, only took them every other day;

The potencies used were too low as proven by previous research;

The very "efficient and scientific" method used to track supplement usage in this case was to depend on their memories and recollection - the subjects were to remember what they did in detail over an eight year period!! (I don't know about you, but sometimes remembering what I did yesterday is a challenge.) Very accurate and scientific - don't you think?

It is so unfortunate and downright dangerous that the bottom line is not our health and well-being, but the almighty dollar. Too many people will believe the false information and then be deprived of effective, natural ways to improve and protect their most valuable asset - their health.

There's no denying there are genuine experts - whether they are researchers, scientists or doctors and they are educated and have a great deal of information. However, the responsibility for your health ultimately rests with you. You never have to accept any information or recommendation - regardless of the source - solely on face value.

Remember - the Father says we are to test and prove all things to determine what is truly good - and He always knows best.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Spice it Up!

Genesis 43:11 Then their father Israel said to them, "If it must be, then do this: Put some of the best products of the land in your bags and take them down to the man as a gift - a little balm and a little honey, some spices and myrrh...
Isaiah 39:2 Hezekiah received the envoys gladly and showed them what was in his storehouses the silver, the gold, the spices, the fine oils...
Revelation 22:2 ...On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yeilding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

Some people have taken Revelation 22:2 to mean that we should not eat meat. However, it's clear Jesus ate meat and fish as well as whole grains and I believe a true Biblically-based diet includes the clean animal protein set forth in Deuteronomy 14. That being said, rather than resorting to pharmaceutical drugs, I believe we should begin with what God has already provided.

This verse in Genesis highlights an aspect of our nutrition we have overlooked for far too long. Researchers are studying the health benefits contained in spices such as turmeric, cumin, rosemary and cinnamon. They are merely scratching the surface of understanding the various chemical components they contain and how they can impact and improve our health.

God Himself created and provided these foods. Cinnamon not only makes my oatmeal tastier, it has been proven to help regulate and lower blood sugar. Turmeric gives my vegetables a delicious flavor and is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. We've all read about the many health benefits green tea provides.

I want to encourage you to experiment with a variety of herbs and spices and make teas your drink of choice, after water, of course! Dr. Eric Braverman says by simply flavoring our meals with a variety of different herbs and spices we can increase the nutrient content by 1,000%! What a simple way God has provided to make clean, whole foods even more nutrient dense.

Spices are mentioned throughout the Bible and are always included along with silver, gold and fine oils as the most valuable and precious resources as the verses above illustrate. The wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus. Two of the three gifts are herbs yet they were considered valuable enough to be a gift to the King of kings!

Green tea is only one tea that has been shown to contain health-promoting compounds - use a variety of teas and even combine two or more for a delicious beverage! You can choose from white tea, oolong, ginger, peppermint, fenugreek, red raspberry, apricot, pau d'arco, roobios - the list is endless.

God never intended for our diets to be plain, boring and bland. He has provided herbs, spices and teas to add flavor to our food (and our lives!) and to bump up the nutritional value of our meals - Father really does know best!